Board of Trustees :

  1. Dr Regi M George                           –              Managing Trustee
  2. Dr. Lalitha Regi                                –              Trustee
  3. Prof. M Ravindran                          –              Trustee
  4. Dr. Sara Bhattacharji                     –              Trustee
  5. Dr. Sukanya Rangamoni               –              Trustee
  6. Dr. Guru Nagarajan                       –              Trustee
  7. Radhika Ram Mohan                    –              Trustee

Registered as a Public Charitable Trust No 147/92, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

Registered u/s 12A, 80G of the IT Act;         12A certificate              80G Certificate

Registered under FCRA to accept foreign donations          FCRA Certificate

We are registered with the Govt. of India to accept CSR funds.     CSR1 Certificate

Governance Model

Board of Trustees meet twice yearly

Executive Committee meets for emergency decisions

Working Committee of Staff meets every 2 months

Full Staff meetings every month

View our Organogram here.


We are  accredited by Credibility Alliance for financial transparency and work culture

We have Gold Star accreditation from GuideStar India, who monitor NGO’s for financial transparency

Audited Accounts – 2020 –’21                                  Audited Accounts – 2021 –‘22

Foreign Contribution Accounts – 2021 – ‘22

 Auditors :

Main Auditor – Mr. Rajnikanth, Salem,  Financial Advisor: Mr. K Shivakumar, Gandhigram

Our Bankers : SBI, Kotapatty; ICICI Bank, Salem and Indian Bank, Thumbal

All other compliances are disclosed in the Annual Reports every year

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