Community Health

Field Health Clinics:  A team from the hospital visits each of the 25 villages once a month. Antenatal checkups and under-5 clinics along with Health Education is given. The ante natal checkups have dramatically improved upto 95% and malnutrition has come down by 80%. Infant mortality has come down to 20/1000 in 2008 from 147/1000 when we started – a creditable figure considering our location

Old Age Insurance; With better health care and modern culture coming in, we noticed that we have a large amount of elderly citizens who are now seeking health care since when they are ill, their children often neglect them. For this we have started and insurance scheme for Rs.150/- per year and all health needs are looked after in a cashless method – in the hospital as well as in their villages.

School Health Program : A team of Health Workers now go to 14 of the schools in the Sittilingi valley and they impart health education and hygiene and sanitation classes to the students there. Teaching the future generations about health is biggest investment we can make.

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