At Tribal Health Initiative we believe that every community has the resources needed to help themselves. That is why over 90% of our team is drawn from the Malavasi, Lambadi and Dalit communities that live in our field area.

Vision of the organization

  • To attain the highest possible level of holistic health.
  • To enhance their socio-economic status while retaining their pride, self-respect and self-reliance and ensuring their active participation in programs meant for their welfare.
  •  To create an atmosphere highly conducive for the growth and development of local cultures and customs.

Watch our 25th anniversary video here

Mission Statement

  • To be an educator to protect and promote health
  • To help improve basic knowledge levels
  • To provide affordable and acceptable basic health care services to the area.
  • To be a facilitator to help people undertake collective action for their welfare
  • To provide a support system to help people come back to sustainable methods of farming
  • To facilitate peoples knowledge about their rights and responsibilities and help them exercise them
  • To help them acquire additional skills and assist them in achieving self reliance through small scale entrepreneurship
  • To provide support for the social upliftment while retaining and building on their local cultural strengths

Values – Guiding Principles of Tribal Health Initiative

  • Faith in the people and their wisdom
  • Sincerity , honesty and total commitment in our work
  • Secular and non political
  • To respect the dignity of every individual

Below is the video on THI for World Health Day 2022 by NDTV

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