Tribal Health Initiative was started in 1992 by Dr. Regi George and Dr. Lalitha Regi. Today we have expanded into a team of over 75 highly trained people, working to improve the lives of the tribal communities living in the Sittilingi valley and surrounding hills through a variety of programmes in health care, community health, farming and craft work.

Our vision is that the people of Sittilingi valley lead a better quality of life. We hope

  • To attain the highest possible level of physical, mental and social health.
  • To enhance their socio-economic status while retaining their prideself-respect and self-reliance and ensuring their active participation in programmes meant for their welfare.
  • To create an atmosphere highly conducive for the growth and development of local cultures and customs.

THI seeks to work with tribal people in a spirit of peace, understanding, trust, and justice.

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