There is more than one way to get involved with the work of THI.

Buy Svad products
Buy produce from the Sittilingi Organic Farmers Association marketed under the brand name Svad.

Buy Porgai products
Buy traditional Lambadi embroidery work produced by our women’s groups.

Become a “Friend of Sittilingi”
Friends of Sittilingi acts as our support circle, contributing resources, time and solidarity.

Student electives
Students can spend time at Sittilingi as part of their curricular requirements.

Visit Sittlingi
To really get a feel of the work THI does you would have to visit us at Sittilingi. We would be happy to arrange simple food and accommodation.

Join our mailing list and Facebook group
Sign up for news updates from THI. Join the Friends of Sittilingi group on Facebook by clicking here

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