Tribal Hospital

Our base hospital is a 35  bedded unit where we admit surgical, medical and obstetric patients. The nearest such facility providing this level of care is 50km away and we cater to a population of roughly 1,00,00 of which 80% are tribals. The patients come from 5 districts as we provide specialist services at minimal cost. We currently have 8 full-time doctors on our team, including a surgeon, an anesthesiologist and 2 gynecologists.

Modern medical laboratory
Patients in OPD

We run a busy 24×7 labour room with a small attached neonatal care unit. The facilities also include a High Dependency Unit [HDU] with 2 ventilator beds, a modern operation theatre complex with 3 tables, a medical laboratory, a pharmacy with generic medicines, an Xray, ultrasound and echocardiography facilities. We use solar power for water pumping and street lighting. Three jeeps, one of which is fitted as an ambulance helps the safe transfer of patients

Modern Operation Theatre Complex
Ultrasound Scan, Doppler and Echocardiography
Pharmacy with generic medicines
Neonatal Care
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